Detta är vad som kom ut av frågan, var är detta vykortsmotiv ifrån? (Se bilden på kortet nedan)
Frågan ställdes här: http://www.gamlavykort.nu/efterlysningen

This is the story about what happened when a Swede in Sweden posted a question on a message board
about a postcard believed to be Swedish but it was American.


Farm located 1 mile east and 1/4 mile north of Swedeburg, Nebraska. The house faces the south.

Here is an other old picture of the house.



On our way to Lincoln today Mike and I took a little detour at Swedeburg.

We drove 1 mile east and 1/4 mile north of Swedeburg right up to the old "Bjorkman" farmhouse.
Today full grown tree's cover up the view of the two extending roof tops that are on the east and west side of the peak in the front of the house.
They are still there, you just can't see them in the front view photo's of the house I took today.

Will have to go back later on this fall after the leaves have fallen off the trees, for photo more like the postcard.
A little remodeling has been done to the house. The corner stairway on the west side of the house still exists and is being used, but the front door has been moved from where it was at the head of the stairs in the corner to a few feet down to the east part end of the porch.
The house, has been kept up beautifully. There are even a few lead windows still on it. Looks like all of the original outbuildings have been replaced.

The farm is now owned by Marlin Olson.


Har funnit din fråga om en gård i Swedeburg, Nebraska på http://www.rootsweb.com/~nesaunde/photos/swedeburg.html

Jag bor inte nära Swedeburg, men själv har jag anor som bodde däromkring.
Det finns en karta över Saunders County som visar gårdarna öster om Swedeburg:
Om ord "mil" betyder en engleska mil, gården som nämnes verkar att ägas av P(eter) W Olson.
Man finner en biografi om PW Olson på http://www.rootsweb.com/~nesaunde/1983hist/saco83-p359.html#olson6
Peter W. Olson came from Sweden to Saunders County in 1879.
He was twenty-four years of age. He worked as a hired hand.
He saved his wages and bought land. In 1883, he purchased a team and began cultivation of his own land.
From time to time he added to his holdings until he had three hundred and fifty-eight acres.
Mr. Olson was married August 21, 1885 to Miss Elsa Hockinson, a daughter of Peter and Hannah Hockinson.
To this union seven children were born. Ednum married Hannah Nordenstum of Bertrand, Nebr.
He lived in Grand Island, employed as a plumber.
Two daughters, Lenore and Lodema, were born.
Evelyn lived at home. Evald married Esther Anderson, lived in Red Oak, Iowa, and for many years, was a Medical Doctor.
Percy and Duryea, twins, completed the family.
Olson och hustru ( några barn) begravdes i kyrkogården i Swedeburg: Else Olson P W Olson, father 1866 - 1942 1855 - 1947 Otto Olson, son Emanuel Olson, son 1886 - 1888 1901 - 1902 Evelyne Olson, dau 1889 - 1928 Kanske dessa uppgifter hjälper dig!

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